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very exciting to see Heibai Wuchang here, was such a cute and heartwarming game :)



Just finished so heartwarming


This game was so cute! I loved it <3

Unexpected, but cute!


This had such a cute story. Keep up the great work!


The Chinese ☠ were the parents of little god of ☠, a little bit surprised


that was unexpected but so cute!

Loved it! I was jammin

This is adorable!!! Nice job! b( ̄▽ ̄)d


i love this

 love it,espacially when you combined the theme of death and the cute graphic so well

this is cute

Fun game! I love the graphics! It would be nice if you could use the coins for cosmetics! Like a cute hat or bow, ect.


short and cute!


Ok, I loved this game, so much. Not only was it adorable, but it was also funny and unique! 10/10, I can't wait to see what you do next!

Love these kind of games lol!

Loved it

Innovative take on a rhythm game! Story was well sewn and the characters are fleshed out for a 72 hour game jam. The difficulty escalation was finely adjusted, and the overall concept was very cute! Great game. :)

It freezes sometimes, but this is amazing

this is so cute :)

unexpected and amazing!


This game is so cute and fun!


cute game :3

aw cute

such a cute and silly game!!! despite its length the characters and the story are so likeable :-3

This game was so ADORABLE and Death really does deserve a vacation. <3
The art, music and story are very lovely and cute. The game was easy to play and I love the twist ending so much. Great job Devs!

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Never have I thought there would be a game where death was a simp for a witch, played friday night funkin on his iphone, and had mommy issues.

This game proved me wrong.

Edit: Death is mad dummy confirmed

very cute game

Cool game


I ADORED this game. It is soooo cute. I really REALLY like this one


This was just the cutest thing ever!! So much fun !!


I loved the way those reaped souls moved!

Happy Lala was just too cute and awesome!

I'd love to do Happy Lala by itself!


adorable! you always make such amazing games :)


What a twist ♥

So cute!!

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