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Literally just to cute and cozy and relaxing. Thank you.

Hi! I like to play games in ways they are not meant to be played in, and I found out that you can beat the game without using soap!

(I did it twice)

I love this so much!


I'm sorry unknown  pronouns but you're under arrest for making this game too cute, there have been cases of people dying from the cuteness of the game.


looove your game! 


This was the therapy I needed after Goodnight Meowmie


it was  easy at the start but now its not

When I hit play it just says "Copy protection violation detected! Please don't steal our games." ??? 

I'm not sure what I'm doing to make that message appear. Maybe its cuz I'm on safari??(????) Ah well c':

Hi there!  Our games use a few different methods to prevent unauthorized websites from copying and rehosting them, unfortunately this means if any of those technologies (http referrer, etc) are blocked on your browser, they will not function correctly.

Safari 16.2 seems to load this fine on my end, so for now I'd simply recommend playing this game outside of on the original cocoamoss site here if you're having problems.

This game is cute, fun and simple. The washing and drying was an interesting concept because you have to spin the crap out of those cats!


Very sweet and silly.

That was very cute <3


the good night meowi was kinda super scary for me...


washi washi washi kitti


I needed this, thank you.


Adorabe game! If there isn't one already, please make an arcade (neverending) version.


this game is so cute Hefwhnlkaubv


and so angelvomit died of cuteness.

nice game!!!