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Really nice game. Music, writing styles, fonts, and simply relatable. Not pretentious at all. Just two friends having a conversation.

Such a lovely, sweet game! Hits home.

I've played most of your games... and I have to say, the soundtracks are always fantastic. It's such an overlooked thing but to me it's one of the most important parts of a game.

Recently I've been sending letters to friends in far away places - but I've also noticed that I've lost touch with old friends I used to do the same with. I think about them often, but I don't even think they're at the same address anymore. But I hope - someday - that I'm able to reconnect with them. 

This game makes me feel all that 100 fold. Which is very, very good. Thank you for making this.

Thank you for playing.  I'm glad that my game was able to bring forth these feelings.

Hey mate, that game is awesome. Briliant idea and so atmospheric....I love it.


thank you


thank you for this interactive fiction
it's a great way to deal with the theme of (lost+renewed) friendship


Excellent! Really makes me want to write a physical letter now. Keeping in touch with distant friends like that feels much more personal, instead of texting someone an emoji on like holidays or something.


This is really good! The soundtrack is especially fitting!

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I love them !! and i really relate to kris... I love that the letters have their own certain feel to them. And somehow even tho i've only known them from these letters, it really feels at home. Thank you for this ♡


a really lovely game.  i've done a lot of work this year trying to reconnect with people i've grown distant from -- it's scary sometimes, but this game was a reminder of how rewarding it can be, too. i really liked the way you have to click line by line to write your letter, but it takes a separate button to send -- it's a simple design that encourages thoughtfulness. i'm happy i played!


A great experience. A lot of feelings in this game, shows the beauty of communication.


this game really resonated with me... i sat for a very long time thinking about what to write in the letters and it made me think a lot about friendships that i've let grow distant. this was a wonderful experience - thank you for making this!

(also the fonts are lovely!)

Thank you for playing, and for hosting this jam :)

(Toki's font is pretty much the exact handwriting I use when I'm writing letters)