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This was therapy for after i played far side of the mirror i was so creeped out asdfjkl.. this is a very cute and challenging game :D

how to play

there's a window that shows the controls after you start the game, did you skip over it?


Really fun and good graphics


Really nice and fun


Pls make more levels im lovin it!


This was such a cute game. It was really fun to play. Really loved how you increase the difficulty every round. I couldn't get a single star in any round though XD.

it wont load for me :'(

My mistake!  I had accidentally uploaded the threaded html5 build instead, which is incompatible with  That should be fixed now (though you should still use the threaded version for Chrome/Firefox, please follow the link in the description).

error: "response.body is undefined"

when trying to load, but others (aside of adobe/flash) in webgames, are playable e.g. Meowmie works fine?