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I see a common theme of cats in your games

Really like it, esp how its designed

Great game! Love the idea, and the levels were really well put together. I loved the introduction and combination of all the different mechanics.


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it isn't working for me :(

i got it to work and i love it yayayayayayayaya!!!!

only 9 deaths first try. is this good?

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why no up arrow/w jump? might understand now

also crazy good music

cant play with xbox one cotroler ):


I died (69 times, the funny haha sex number) and i also cried. I was built for this   .  

Controls 10/10


my cat keeps falling out of the world.

So creative, fun and pleasing with just enough challenge. Thank you!

great game

this game is amazin


Challenge mode is so difficul :(


and the cat-bird we see in the end goes to a mountain and teach hoow to dash to a young girl falling from a clif, and the game CELESTE starts


that's awesome game!
Too dead, but too much fun!!

great game as soon as it starts ! music is very entertaining gameplay simple and effficient, a pure "bonheur"to play ! just lacking a windows build for people like me that dosen't like to be connected....

Feel free to download the html5 version, either directly or via the itch app.

thanks but I don't understand how...

My best time so far. That was fun!

i think i did ok


nice simple game, but challenging and good graphics.

28m38s and 240 deaths; but i dont regret it one bit!! love your work  dude!

i dont know if you are a guy or a girl, but anyway i love your games!!

sweet, lovely and imaginative. nice work

This is my best time so far.
Amazing game!

Finished it in normal mode with 108 deaths. A solid platformer with a challenging level design, great graphisms, and the story while simple still give a special feeling.

This was amazing! The level design was kind of hard, but the feeling of accomplishment after mastering a skill was well done.
Keep up the work :)


This game is really great, well done guys! I absolutely love the graphics (including fonts) and music. The controls and gameplay feels stunning. I really liked the challenging levels with the dash mechanic later on in the game. well done.

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Hello hello! With simple mechanics as jumping, dash and wall grab you guys managed to create a really nice and challenging game! I really enjoyed playing it! keep up the good work! 

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