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game lin oc chot moe



Remove the tag Gamepad (any) since it doesn't work.


Nice game! 0 deaths on 3:02.800

Brooo, very polished platformer of yours Thank you very much for this game I will follow you



Challenge mode has a tiny bug 


Very cute parktour! Like it so much


the climbing animation is the custest thing ever

there is no climbing animation

Great Game!

Included Colors Of Your World at 26:21 as part of a compilation of games with punishing settings. Retrospectively, it probably shouldn't have been in here. It was kind of pleasant actually. :)

Amazing! :)

this i rly good keep up the good work

Wow... This is really good.

Precision platforming has never been my forte but this is just brilliant, even with the sacrifices made.


Great game, Love the ending! Results: Time: 7:40.617 Deaths: 40

Improved my time to 5:23.533 Deaths: 27 Have to say that I love the music too!

I'm trying to speed run for first time in my life :D I love this game! 


Amazing i love it I gave up at this level but still its incredible

i hate it bcz the stage 3 [winter] why its so much spike i HATE it >:(

it has "so much spike" because it's supposed to be hard

05.55.200,nice game!


I see a common theme of cats in your games

Really like it, esp how its designed

Great game! Love the idea, and the levels were really well put together. I loved the introduction and combination of all the different mechanics.


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it isn't working for me :(

i got it to work and i love it yayayayayayayaya!!!!

only 9 deaths first try. is this good?

That is really good... I got 131 deaths and took almost half an hour to beat the game entirely (I've attempted to beat this game before but gave up) 

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why no up arrow/w jump? might understand now

also crazy good music

cant play with xbox one cotroler ):


I died (69 times, the funny haha sex number) and i also cried. I was built for this   .  

Controls 10/10


my cat keeps falling out of the world.

So creative, fun and pleasing with just enough challenge. Thank you!

great game

this game is amazin


Challenge mode is so difficul :(


and the cat-bird we see in the end goes to a mountain and teach hoow to dash to a young girl falling from a clif, and the game CELESTE starts


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