Chrome/Firefox users: Please use the threaded version instead to avoid issues with audio stuttering and latency.

Far Side of the Mirror v2.00 (Unthreaded)
by DDRKirby(ISQ) and Kat Jia
Released under the Cocoa Moss label

Please be patient as the game loads! You may have to click to give it focus.

This is the unthreaded version of Far Side of the Mirror, since does not yet support SharedArrayBuffer usage.

Far Side of the Mirror is our entry for round 48 of Ludum Dare. The theme was "Deeper and deeper".

Content Warnings >>

  • One or two jumpscares (no full screen effects, reasonable volume)
  • Things chasing you
  • Cartoonish depiction of spider-like forms
  • Mild, cartoon-like body horror

Ludum Dare submission page

Changelog >>

v2.00 (Post-Jam Version)
- Major new release with new content
- New intro sequence
- New room and NPCs in first area
- Completely reworked second area
- New graphics and objects in last area
- New minigame in last area
- New post-credits sequence
- Various dialogue changes
- Minor tweaks to first minigame
- Added a set of collectable items
- Added a visual effect to highlight some interactable objects
- Added shadows to most character sprites
- Clamped camera to integer coordinates to avoid pixel snap artifacts
- Fixed a minor collision issue in the bathroom
- Fixed performance issues on a scene late in the game
- Fixed a minor tiling issue on a scene late in the game
- Fixed background audio not looping in a scene late in the game
- Fixed an unfortunate bug where a door was nonfunctional due to misplaced collision
- Tweaked the seamless music looping on one song
- Added edges to wall tiles to make it more clear where screen transitions are
- Improved look of maze level tileset
- Added footstep sounds
- Changed "shift to run" instruction to be diagetic
- Tweaked some camera bounds
- Added a version label in the very beginning
v1.04b (Jam Version)
- Fixed performance issues on a scene late in the game
- Fixed a minor tiling issue on a scene late in the game
- Fixed background audio not looping in a scene late in the game
- Fixed a bug that caused some sprites to disappear if the final scene is left running
- Fixed interaction detection not being sized correctly to character colliders
- Fixed wave sounds not looping properly
- Tweaked timing of second beach scene's dialogue
- Added experimental fix for high audio latency on Firefox
- Added initial "Press Space to Continue" prompt
- Added a break in the second beach scene's dialogue
- Tweaked maze level slightly
- First release!
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
Made withFL Studio, Paint Tool SAI, Godot
Tags2D, Cats, Cute, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 48, Narrative, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksLudum Dare


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I think this game has a lot more emotional meaning to it.

"you can't be anything different"


"Then I grew up" Ouch... Such much emotional pain TwT

Games where the main character is a cat are always the best. This game was cute! And it made me feel things that I can't really put into words ;w;

I just did speedrun for this.

(1 edit)

What happens when you bother the woman practicing?


i dont know what to say...

Leopold is a mood

"if you can run in a game you usally have to run from something" yub person guy

so oh no

what is the cat next to mocha's name? 

i tried so hard on the dancing game so i felt so bad whenever i messed up :( Overall amazing game 


Cute until spider guys. I wish I could skip that. Also lol, I sucked at the dance thing

adorale cat game <3

this game was really good! i realized just before the spider guys that they were talking about my horrible performance, still a great game and love the ending :)


This is so cute!! I filmed and uploaded it to YouTube if you want to check it out!



I like being a black cute cat

and meeting the funny best character ever

very cute and well polished as usual!! i love the sprites :)


beautiful, I must say I didn't completely understand the plot, but it seemed really lovely and I don't think it really mattered that I didn't. Loved the ducks and the rhymes, they were my favorite part!

this games music is really good