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I finished the game. Then I restarted it just so they can be in the "play" animation forever. This and Goodnight Doggy are two of the sweetest, saddest games I've had the pleasure of playing. I was gonna stop playing until Meowmie went missing. Then I was like "Screw these demons, I'm going to get my cat!" Bravo, DDRKirby(ISQ).

hit me in the heart. i feel like this is related to something that happened to you.

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I'm crying horribly right now, and the fact that im a huge cat lover, im literally drowning in my tears ;( :C >;C Edit: I've been crying for 10 minutes now

omg same. As soon as that gray scene started, I just bawled. That was too real, hit all the points. I snuggled my cat after. Still crying.


Im crying a lot in this moment


I don't really cry when It comes to games, but dang. You made me start just sobbing. This was a good game, with the horror aspect to it. I knew what was coming but I just didn't want it to.

Good game, really.


Your game does not work in firefox for me. I get a copy violation message.

Thanks for the report!  This is actually not Firefox-specific -- the copy violation depends on the presence of the "document.referrer" tag to verify that the game is being loaded from a whitelisted domain (and not some other website trying to steal the game).  If you have the referrer header disabled, then this obviously won't work.

To change the config value you can go to about:config and change the network.http.sendRefererHeader value back to the default of "2".

This game does everything right it can possibly do for a 72 hour game jam

The end legitimetly made me wanna cry. It's so sad because of how sweet it was

Get tissue if you want to cry

this is gorgeous and sad and i was very unsettled and then i just cried i just wanted meowmie to be OKAY




Omg, I was so scared. The amosphere freaks me out :O

I just wanted to feed the cat, man, I don't know why I got so freaked out with the corridors. It's a good game, but I only made it six minutes, and I swear two minutes of that was trying to figure out that instead of using w a s d, you use the arrow keys instead, oof. I love the art style, and I'm sure the concept is amazing when you're not alone at night. I also have two white cats (as well as a ginger), so I know I'd get upset if the cat died :((((

I couldnt keep playing, I got sad


that was the best experience of my life

but....that was spooky

but the end was sad much sad

r.i.p mewomie


ok no

but talking seriously that was sad and  their death make the mine

Well, damn.

That was a pretty nice experience.

Still adamant in saying it didn't quite spook me... well, for the most part, heh. I'll admit that was pretty nice and moody.

But despite that, all in all, I enjoyed it. The soundtrack's pretty nice, and I loved the work done here with the visuals and audio.

I might even say they compliment each other a little too well!

Great work. Really enjoyable.

Thank you, Dev. Wow... 

Very deep feelings in such a short game... geez. Well done, great worki, and again, thank you :-)

Oh my god I NEVER expected it to turn the way it did! It was a very nice game! Thank you! <3 

For such a little game, it gave me lots of emotions... 

I raise kitties too,  So It kinda reminded me of my cat

I think I'll keep this cute little game deep inside like how she held meowmie

Thanks for this experience and memories





i played this game for 20 seconds and started crying :')


I love this game. I started crying when she started talking, At the end i cried. Emotions emotions. I was Happy, Sad, Satysfied,Nervous,Afraid Ect. This game was beautiful


You gave me happiness,fear and sadness,exactly in that order.


Okay wow... When I first saw the thumbnail of the cat I KNEW I had to play it. I spent waay too long just playing and hugging that cat and got very surprised when I went outside the room. I loved this game so much it was amazing you really put me on an emotional rollercoaster!

Amazing art style and I liked the grainy effect of the light.

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Wow! So many emotions in one game! It's a simple game with such a strong story.  Love the art design. Great job!


this was so cute and sad!!!!!!!! 

i wanted to hold Meowmie the whole time, such a cute kittyy!!! The artstyle is so good and the atmosphere really unsettling! great job!

Equal parts cute and terrifying 'Goodnight Meowmie' is a masterclass in evoking emotion at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Tasked with looking after the cutest kitty cat that you ever saw you'll find yourself journeying out of the safe warm confines of your room into a dark corridor.

But you'll find more than cat food out there in the dark...