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Played this many times and yet can't let go of my own baby. It's been like three years I think, time isn't working. I just want her back. Her meows are still being heard and I can feel her snuggling up to me. But she isn't there. I miss her

I'm so sorry for your loss, I hope you feel better soon <3


that ending got me SOBBING


I always held Meowmie when I went to bed.. T^T



As someone with a currently very old sick white cat that I love with all my heart, this hit especially hard. I don't know if Romeo has cancer or just an infected tooth, but I hope he's gonna be okay... 

(This is an old photo, before his tooth started having problems. God bless him, he's the most sweet gentle cat I've ever known.)


Awww, poor kitty! I hope your cat will be fine, that fur baby deserves the world.

He certainly does...

Why'd you have to do this to Meowmie?

Very nice video, I loved watching it (fingers crossed I'll sleep tonight)

Good game Keep up the good work 




this is so sad omg im bawling my eyes out

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I cried when I was done with this game, I really didn't see it coming,  I never felt any pain like this before, cause it never really happen to me yet, but I can understand it Cleary, and this probably relates to a lot of people, who struggling with letting go.. :(

can you play this on an ipad, without a keyboard? i don’t know how to start because it says press space to start and i don’t have a keyboard 


(Great game BTW)


This hits.. it hurts.. I cried. I can relate to it. as one of my cats died not too long ago and I couldn't do anything. Just have to accept.

same it hurts when you have something in your life you love very much and then you have to let them go


i started crying so badly




oh NO


i hate and love this. something similar happened to one o my cats, its a great game i just wish it was longer.


I like emotional part of the horror BUT YOU MOVE SSOOOO DAMN SLOW!


I did NOT expect that horror part to come in

same man


men why did u hurt me like this. Its the first time I cried on  a game.  Meowmie is so adoooooooorable

This game first went to cute and cuddly then scary then  sad. This is what I love about games all the emotions that come out. But seriously I started to cry at the end . I read it  9/10 the one thing that is missing is I wish it was longer.  :)


Personally even before each meow, I was stunned by the intro's music & later the story, same as realistic moments: litterbox, sweets, audio for walking, as the hallways remembered me of pokemon levels in red/blue/yellow with switching colours affected by which city you'd get into.

I like how the protagonist got a lantern out of nowhere but if looking down, the light's shape look like a keyhole to peek though, maybe just coincidentally but cool like in "Little Nightmares"-game, the door's sound in squeaks fits to its rusty key & environment, bit like Coraline's passages/Resident Evil moments to ascend to doors but also outdoor and the window be nice in graphics, its ending describes more of the game's moments with Meowmie, that I wasn't expecting...

Nice colours, backgrounds and fonts for itch's style, also the textwarnings what be in scenes & I like the interaction with the hallway with that light but interestingly the light wasn't unlit, but the paw-print made the game quite action than adventure-based ...had 5stars at the intro & after the game would say 7+, also some locked doors & walking in many directions got it cool just with paws maybe more timing to react, would be bit more perfect?

If the doors can have different words each level than being locked, like: nope wont budge ...or: still no key found yet, etc.?

Spoilers of the game but also
some german typos e.g.

"bild" (image/picture-frame) should be a noun with a capital letter, in the main-bedroom

"Ich muss Medizine finden" (day two after fourth feeding of Meowmie)

Blue room correctly spelled it "Medizin", while interacting to feed note 'Medizine", same as day 3 with "Medizine" too.

Day 4 "Es ist so es warmer Tag gewesen, es war natürlich für mich das Fenster zu öffnen", sounds quite odd maybe rather as: "Draussen ist es so warm, deshalb öffnete ich gleich das Fenster"? (same meaning just described in different tenses)

"Ich sehe immer noch deinen Körper im Graß liegen", while grass only needs one "s" in there as translated "Gras"

"Ich hallte deine gestallt im meinem Gedanken fest.", but it's "holding" = halte & "Gestalt", same just one L for each of them (guessing ghost or creature in english storyline there?)

"am ende" (in the end), but ending be a noun with capital letter...


this reminds me of my cat i love this game though it was one of the only things that have made me cry

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im crinfg this remembered me of my dead cat im so bad rn i remember he used to be there when i cried he layed on me and stayed w me until i stopped cryinh bnow he is not here and its so painful to me to remember him im literally crying so bad rn this is so heartbreakign i miss him so much, R.I.P brownie 😕😕 i didnt expect to cry with this game


the first time i played this i thought it would be peaceful until i went out the door and started panicking 


real, i screamed many times at this game..



The other day, my brother opened a window to let some air out because it was hot and almost had my kitten named Mitzy fall the same way. Even though she would've survived since she's always jumped from high places, the thought of losing her either by falling to death or running away hurt me and I wanted to scold him hard. But I know it was an accident. Mitzy's just as curious.
This is probably the most terrifying, heartbreaking, and beautiful game I've played in a while. <333

i love this game omg i teared up </3


I cried. 


Thank you so, so much for making this amazing game. I played it at midnight and didn't remember how many tears I shed. My 13-year-old ginger cat passed away last month so playing this game really is a deep, touching experience. I am a bit curious if you had a similar experience of losing our favorite pet friends?  This game is a gem for me. Thank you <3

very beautiful game, really sad though 

This was a great game :,) the ending T-T makes me appreciate my cat <3 and my first cat who passed away


nice game,very sad


(Now my body have 6% of water, i cried a lot) 

hugging my own dear cat Daphne and vowing to literally never open a window again.

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What are the controls?

Edit: nvm, i found out, can y'all add WASD to controls?

Me going into this expecting to cry from horror, instead crying into my sleeves about a dearly loved cat


This game is so sad. If you did lose your cat developer, then I am truly sorry for your loss.



i hope you break your femur. 

Loved the game!!!


this is a really cute but scary game i really enjoyed it

are you planning on making any more horror games 


First, it was a cute game. Then it went scary, then sad, then feeling bad for the author of the game, who probably created it after their cat jumped out of the window (maybe not).

Anyway, I'm going to go play with my cat. Love her.

Thanks for the game. It's great.


is this game about depression? her cat died and ever since, she hasn't went outside or left her bed.. maybe she thought the outside was evil after she found her cat dead outside, explaining why she might have taped the window. Very nice game, and has a valuable meaning to it aswell. 

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