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What to say. The other comments and the awards talk for me :,)

Honestly, so cute, and sad, and... Everything.

-Ele, Ludi Tarantula team


this game........ so cute and then so spooky and then so sad. too much emotion for my poor human brain


Ayo, FUCK this game. I just wanted to get scared, not cry.


>:,( y-yeah man... you tell 'em >:,(,,,,,,,,,,,


God this really hit me hard. As a cat lover this made me cry my eyess out. You did an amazing job in making this and have earned the title of "First Creator On to Make Me Cry"

how do i play

i cried :'(

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this game is sad and scary but cute at the same time

im sad....sad   sad .....saaaaaaaaaaadDX

look guys i didnt play it but i think its sad i will play  it now and will say me comment



Well...i cried.

the shadow kill cat ;(

Omg it so sad ness D: 😭

wait no HOLY S**T is so dam scary game D: 

omg that so cute and crying D:

I'm still crying


uhh so i didn't actually played this myself past the opening but watched a walkthrough for the rest of it bc i really cannot handle jumpscares,,,but i just wanna say this is great !!! i checked this out bc i love cats and needless to say,,,meowmie :'((

Forever in our hearts. <3






whyyyyy im so sad and im crying rn 

Did they hurt Meowmie!?

omg so pretty artwork and music

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Great game, got me crying at the end. Goodnight, Meowmie.

beautiful and sad

This was honestly a great game! The art style, the music, the story just fit together so well like a puzzle and emphasised each other really well and made the game really whole as well as really fun to play. (Video down below!)

The gameplay is really simple yet, it's super fun to explore the dark and scary house, and the reason to save the cat is really strong and makes the player both want to explore as well as give them a reason to do so, which I think was very well done. 

The contrast between the room where Meowmie is in and the outside was very apparent and again, really well done and set the tone immediately where inside the player is safe and the outside is an unsafe world. It was a good contrast and transition. The enemies; the skulls and the invisible giant ghost cat was also really well done and were both very spooky in their own rights and ways.

The story was also really well written and woven into the game. I think I started ot understand what was happening halfway through the game, and it really made sense and playing the rest of the game gave that satisfaction of finding the story and piecing it all together. 

All in all, you guys have made a great game by intricately weaving the story, gameplay, music and art into one very well made and very solid game that is one of the best games in this site. Great job and well done! (Sorry for the lag, I had turned of GPU acceleration, and hence it was laggy.)

nice game though


this was scary and sad I didn't know if i should panic or cry

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the first time i saw the skull i just immidiately closed the tab

edit: just finished it, pretty sad

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same haha!

Such a cute game! And terrifying obviously lol. My shoulder is all stiff from being tensed up that whole time XD

im...i didn't expect this at all... im crying so you...and goodnight meowmie....

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...I'm not crying, your crying!



it's very rare that i get an emotional response with media. its just how i am. but this made me break down and cry on call with my best friend. even she was caught off guard by it.

this game is brilliant, especially for being made in 72 hours. the sound design made me immediately fall in love with meowmie, the "difficult" sections weren't frustratingly hard, and the story brought me to tears.

i love this. thank you two.


What a lovely and innocent time I had playing this cute cat game.  Surely ai will sleep for many hours tonight.


Love your energy!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. :{D


*surely ai will sleep for many hours tonight* intellegince will sleep? xD


Precisely! X{D


literally THANK YOU for this walkthrough. i'm genuinely scared of jumpscares but really wanna know the game plot


I totally get that. My pleasure!

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Hol up

OMG this game is so beautiful ahhhhh

very sad.


This game was so good...I had back some memories of my first cat and...I  just cried a little bit while recording...

Thanks for the game :) ..btw here is my video

The gameplay is in Portuguese


Its nice until you walk out the door.

It's super cute until the end. Poor Meowmie.

Great story! Poor Meowmie though, may his soul rest in peace! 


i cried :c this was too sad :c

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