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Initially, I thought it was supposed to be just cute cat vibes. That switch once you leave your room is surprising for sure. All around a great game, nice work!

This was lovely. Heartbreaking and sweet and poignantly sad. Thank you so much for creating it.

This was so cute at the beggining and so sad at the end :c But I like it anyway, can I help you with Russian translation?


Hi!  Please contact me via email regarding translation/localization for Goodnight Meowmie.

poor meowmie :( loved the game tho very sad.

idk if i played this or not


Great game and great story, loved playing!

omg you made me cry all the way to the end .. i was acting like i owned meowmie for a moment ..** WHY IM A CAT OWNER** .. OVERALL THE BEST GAME I HAVE SO FAR

My heart has been ripped to shreds ;w;

man im just at the start, but seeing them play is making me cry from just how cute it is lol

This was not what I expected!

The way the game went from cute to horror without explanation or dialog made it really scary. Not explaining or addressing the horror can make it way more unsettling.  Love it!!

Game crashed when I got to the dialog "Hello World" After going to bed on the day you leave the apartment for the first time.
I got back to that point again and I think it was bc I clicked too fast

I knew the game was gonna end sad but this hurt a lot ouch

great game <3

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


omg why is it so creepy in the middle of the game, it went from heartwarming to scary

keep in mind I haven't finished the game and i'm prob not going to or else ill give myself a heart attack

Same... The paws keep crawling back...


So sad story(;_;)悲しかった、まじ😢

Damn it, now this game made me cry twice




This game is so beautifully written and played out. I'm still crying. Goodnight Meowmie):

this was a good game but it was so sad buh i was crying

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This was a very touching game.

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fantastic game. gave me a few embarrassing spooks in front of my roommate and also cried. i adore the style and the sounds meowmie make are so cute. i love this game so much and its definitely one of my favorites and reminded me of my cat who also saved me a few years ago </3

I was not expecting to cry today, Goodnight Meowmie.


Wow this one really got me. Pet loss is so horribly sad. Waterfalls over here...


BRUV- WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?  I thought it was going to be much darker, but this was just the right amount of sadness that makes you just sit in silence for a min and think about your dog or cat or any pet you have that saved you... thank you. amazing game.

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Okay, it's been almost a year since I last played this game, but I feel like I will never forget about it. The soundtrack, the story, and the ending apsoloutley broke me, I don't think I've ever cried this much about a game. TwT Love this game, good job!


This is twisted and sad.

i almost cried


Okay, I just wanted to say this made me cry, and stuff like movies, or games, never make me cry but this just broke my heart, and I feel like this game was amazing, creative, and kind of eye opening. I love this game, very sad tho. (Bro the part where I grabbed the two treats in the hall and going back to the door which was now locked, I was already like "oh shit, I swear to god if i have to go back-" the chase sequence was extremely scary. gud job)

all in le head


I really did enjoy this game. The ending was quite bittersweet...


everyone is talking about how sad the game was, but I am deadass shaking in my boots It is 2 am it is dark im wearing my headphones omg so scar

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


woooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i really thought my emotional ass wasnt gonna cry *clown music plays*

the true horror here is how much the game will make you cry. Meowmie...

its very creepy to me when it starts and go out in room, but in the end its so sadddd that almost made me cry :(


oh man what a sweet looking game 


wtf man :(



It got me in the feels ❤️

while playing this in school, that shit made me sad i fr dont want my cat to die, i knew right away what happend.

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