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I want to squish the puffy ducky

<3 my hand hurts after playing this hahahah its a cool game!!


I loved the reference to Georges Mélies <3 

Somehow i got the Endwalker experience combined with the  year long onslaught of Crypto scams at once in something very very funny. 5/5 pulled a muscle  slamming spacebar.


I love inflation now.

You really like nintendo soundtrack!

I heard kirby in Match Girl and Mario kart Here!

lol i thought a little more and now i see, you like mario party! this is why you make minigames

and also your name is kirby

... The bird died in the end?


how come that every single one of your games are so cool???

Wow that game was simply lovely ^^

Loved it! I played the iOS verison, but thought it was hilarious and just a lot of fun to go through the progression! 


That was really funny and I enjoyed it a ton, but you left one burning question.

Who is left to oversee finance back on Earth?

beautiful, easy to play and funny ☺

Very good


This is one of the most charming games I've played in a while. Keep up the amazing work!