Kiwis Can't Fly v1.03
by DDRKirby(ISQ) and Kat Jia
Released under the Cocoa Moss label

Please be patient as the game loads! You may have to click to give it focus.
Soundtrack download

This is our entry for round 50 of Ludum Dare. The theme was "Delay the Inevitable".

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Google Play (Android)

Awards (out of 1923 jam entries):

  • #1 in Audio
  • #2 in Mood
  • #8 in Overall

Ludum Dare submission page

Original jam version submitted to Ludum Dare

Changelog >>

v1.03 (Post-Jam)
- Added Kiwi info section to end screen
- Added new idle animation for meowmies
- Tweaked click/tap radius
- Removed hover/click effects
- Minor fixes
v1.02 (Jam)
- Fixed a few minor audio artifacts
- Enable hidpi support so graphics aren't blurry on high resolution displays
- Initial release
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(93 total ratings)
Made withFL Studio, Clip Studio Paint, Godot
TagsCasual, Cute, Ludum Dare 50, Music
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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such a cute game!! keep it up!!

okay how did Mocha go from warping though mirrors in Far Side of the Mirror and collecting birds in Chickie Catchers to riding brooms in Kiwis Can't Fly?

Hello, I’d like to play this game but the web version is quite slow on my PC (not sure why since it’s Godot and I’ve been playing my own web builds fine, maybe Compatibility Render mode would export a faster build?), and I have troubles installing apps from Google Play these days. Is there an apk I can download and install directly on my Android?


Same error (response.body is undefined) but I think Godot maybe causes it as other ones were maybe designed in it & had issues in loading on my side somehow?

But the preview looks fun like "Fruit Ninja", etc.

Made me cry

I returned to this game after a while, although it is very simple. Because it's one of the most philosophical and inspiring things I've seen in the last six months.

do the splat chalange, dont let the kiwi touch anything 

_____             \                                                                                                                                                                  _____              |                                                                                                                                                                                       /

Nice game mate


the best part is watching it get comboed by multiple cats


this is a masterpiece. 15/10 would play a million more times

i love this!!


i gonna cry bro 🪑



i get perfect on first run, but there are no score count


damn. i thought that i would get a different ending for playing perfectly.


"I won't cry" speak for yourself.


Can it die? Asking for a friend


Maybe not in this game, but I wouldn't try.

Great game play


this game is just perfect, its mechanics, its immersion, the message behind it, the story, the sound and the music makes you fully immersed in the game, I am a musician, I can feel, that they were composed with a lot of feeling, it's something very beautiful to see along with the game, just wonderful


I love the music coupled with the cute kiwis and objects!


This is so bittersweet. The music and art are lovely. Thank you for creating this game.