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andwill the full game be sold here on itch?

sorry for being impatient, but when can we expect complete game?

and, will it have full blind accessibility

how much will it cost?

this is so cool!!!!

i cant wait for the full game 

as someone who plays Geometry Dash, a lot of platformer games and Project Sekai - I see this as an absolute win

enjoyed the demo a lot, hope this game gets fully released one day <3

(P.S: I did wishlist the game on Steam :D)


I had tremendous fun getting perfect on every level in the demo! that last level showed me that there is a lot of potential for future levels for this game. I loved it!


素敵!! This makes me so happy

I finally finished that blasted last level holy poop, I had to give up on my continuous block jumping technique but it worked! Yes! I can finally carry on with my life :D

I really enjoyed this game

The last level was really difficult for me, but I'll keep practicing can't wait for the full release

cool game, similar to geometry dash but if it had an extra input



Congrats on making such a wonderful game! Its beautiful, charming, and has a wonderful soundtrack! It has great difficulty and interesting mechanics that never feel like too much or too little. I can't wait for the Steam release because I will definitely be buying this! 

Also I perfected every level and will be doing so on the full game >:3 

so true

loved it!

i have beaten the game 7 times and I NEED MORE


im gonna buy this when this goes out SO HARD

Oh wow, i love this game. The final level is very hard (for my) but very fun too 10/10

this game is amazing! it was rather easy to get the hang of, and even though I played on browser, there wasn't any technical difficulties! I cannot wait for the full release.

((I've played ADOFAI, so I slightly struggled with some of the non-alternating parts, perhaps that's just a skill issue on my part...that's probably why..))

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well..I perfected it! which means that I have officially perfected every available level!

this game is soo good, can't wait for the release on steam (also if you keep pressing the jump plus the atk button at the same time you can pretty much "skip" the first levels and have an easy late game. Maybe consider adding some delay between the inputs so that becomes more difficult to happen) 

I love the crossover between a 2D platformer and rhythm game.
I like how the beat is visualised on the ground and the jump gaps increase in size when the speed increases! :)

I love this demo! I even played until I got perfect on every level. I really appreciate such simple controls so it wasn't such a hassle on a touchpad laptop. I'm definitely buying when this is released!

nice a fun game i would buy it when it release the full game if i had money, but overall good game

very fun


amazing game would buy :)

Fun game. Reminds me of Bit Trip Runner.


This is so fun!! I like that the floor has little tiles to show the beats


i need a full soundtrack RN  this is SO CUTE

totally wishlisted




I loved this so much, the accessability options are amazing, i've wishlisted this game and im defo buying it as soon as its out. i did notice one bug though, when im replaying the levels there is an issue with the audio (until you die once). its hard to describe, but it seems like its playing the jump and attack noises a beat before you would press them in the game, even before you press the button. this was on firefox on a mac, if that helps

also i forgot to mention this but when u get in the zone it feels transcendental (emphasis on the trans <3)

this doesn't happen on mac on the downloadable version, so its nothing serious


Ah this demo is super, super cute.What a fun time!! I was really quite bad at later stages but I loved everything about it - the music is great, the scene transitions are fun, the little character sprites are super cute. I've wishlisted the game on steam - can't wait for the full release!

b a l l s

Oh this rules

so freaking awesome, really glad i tried it!


Been a huge fan of DDRKirby's 9-bit style since forever, so being able to play a game that was made especially for it is a dream come true. Smooth animations, friendly calibration, EPIC music, unlockables and generous checkpoints. Fantastic game. Easy recommendation.

this is sick!!!

cant wait to play the full version

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There is a goose here :D

I love that you can just play this in the browser. I was stuck on the "Audio Lag Calibration" for quite some time. But thankfully I was able to move on.

I'm going to assume that the downloadable version is more stable. There is a bit of lag, but it is expected for a slow PC, and mine is SLOW. It's a fun little 2D pixel rhythm game, very unique gameplay. The only thing I didn't get was. what is the story? Why is she running? Is there no backstory?

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f this game am so mad  😡



Put it on my whistlist, im looking forward to it!

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