Demo v0.29.2 Released

The Rhythm Quest Demo has been updated to version 0.29.2!  This patch features some more bugfixes, but also adds a few in-game mods including an input timeline and metronome.

Full changelog:

Version 0.29.3
- Tweak/fix grass in world 1 level select
Version 0.29.2
- Fixed a softlock bug that allowed getting stuck in walls
- Slightly lowered audio encoding quality to reduce build size
- Fixed incorrectly-centered vertical backdrop scaling behavior
- (This fixes an issue where the foreground in 3-1 could cover more than expected)
- Fixed a bug where keyboard menu selection was not restored for certain menus
- Fixed a bug where the player could run off the level if the game is paused after a level end
- Fixed perfect medal animation offsets in world select for demo version
- Added "Run in Background" setting
- Added "Input Timeline" visual mod
- Added "Metronome" audio mod
- Fixed tutorial being skipped if 1-1 is restarted during it
- Fixed scheduled sounds being very slightly offset in some cases
- Fixed end level medal particles having different speeds depending on resolution
- Allow pressing any key in calibration screen (not just space)
- Fix subpixel render misalignment of player in game
- Fix subpixel render misalignment of ground in menu
- Disabled screen refresh rate label (currently not working)
- Localization updates

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