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uhhh part 2?!?! YES


I love how many mechanics this game has I couldn't walk a step without unlocking something new!

But now for real I really liked the game I thought it was very funny and amusing,  it had good music and was impressively good for the amount of time you had to work on it. overall it had a very strong mega man vibe to it that I really liked and I hope to see more from you in the feature.

in short it was very charming and I really enjoyed playing it, thank you for making this.


Nice! When will there be a charged shot?

how to do mute


no need to mute music is good


Awesome. Fun little homage to one of my favorite game series.

i remember playing this game like 2 years ago or so

okay now i remember comletely after playing this amazing game :D

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My Time Attack PB

Evoland meets DLC Quest. There's not enough of these out there. Always a win for me!

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Libra 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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The wall stick really made the gameplay hard to finish, but its a great great game! Love the vibes and the idea!

3rd stage had the bowser's castle music stuck in my head while playing it lol

That issue (along with others) has been fixed in v2.02.  Thank you for the report.

Fun game with a cool concept! The wall sticking was a little bit annoying sometimes, but I loved the rest (especially the music)!

This issue (along with others) has been fixed in v2.02.  Thank you for the report.

It's fun! Sometimes when I jump I stick to the wall which didn't help a lot but otherwise it was fun and the boss was super difficult so beating it was rewarding


This issue (along with others) has been fixed in v2.02.  Thank you for the report.

Fun game. I love the Megaman theme. Music and art are good. Enemy designs are good. Walls are sticky, which makes platforming irritating. Enemy timing is a little weird. Too short and especially with that cliff hanger.


That issue (along with others) has been fixed in v2.02.  Thank you for the report.

Deleted 1 year ago

This has been fixed in v2.02.

i wonder what is the minimum amount of unlocks needed to beat the game

You can skip the following unlocks:

- Menu Music
- Menu Graphic
- Menu Particles
- Health (meaning, one hit kills you always)
- Background Art
- Buster Ammo
- Autofire
- Health recharge (not that it does anything anyways since your max health is 2)

Took me a while to beat the boss but I love it!!

Um, I think the current post-compo build is booting straight into time trials mode. There's no dialogue, and it skips straight to the move right subroutine.

Hi there!  I've just tried running the build and wasn't able to reproduce this behavior.  Perhaps you could try again and/or provide more details for reproducing it?

The first cutscene, with Dr ≈Light plays just fine on my side. However, none of Libra's chime-ins worked at all. And it skipped that whole part at the beginning, where you can't move. It happened before I could even play the game! That "time trials" idea was just speculation. When I got to world 2, Libra's dialogue worked normally.

Also, do health pickups exist in this game? I forget.

TLDR: Stage 1 cutscenes fail for no reason.

Gotcha, that makes more sense.  I'm able to reproduce that and will look at that today, thanks!

I've just uploaded v2.01 which should fix this issue.  Thanks for the report!

Re: health pickups, there are no "regular/random" health pickups.  Besides the initial health upgrade at the end of level 1, there's a health refill before the boss room, but that's it.

Hehe... Libra. Libra means book. Books are made of paper. Paper beats rock. Clever.

@DDRKirby(ISQ) 's favorite track from unlock everything is my favorite too

it's mega man meets evoland. .Sadly the controlls make it unplayable on a german keyboard layout

this is a lot like upgrade Jonny on

Love it! Short and Sweet.

unique idea and the music is wow


wow the music am so loving the game

me gusto el juego esta increible!! me quede mas concentrado en el juego xd mori demasiado y lo venci :'D aunque me quede con poca vida


anyone else getting Mega Man vibes?

Short but sweet I love it!

Really fun game! To bad it was so short.

lol for any ppl who are new to the game set of an nes contoller heres a thing to teach u 

  Jump            |
Move left   |          |   +--+         |        |
|    |   |            |        |                        |
|    | +-|-+          |        |                        |
|    | | o |          |        |                        |
|  +-|-+   +---+      |        |                        |
|  | o       o |      o        o        ---     ---     |
|  +---+   +-|-+   (select) (start)    ( B )   ( A )    |
|      | o | |                          -o-     -o-     |
|      +-|-+ |                           |       |      |
+--------|---|---------------------------|-------|------+         |   +---+                       |       +---+       Shield    |                 Special moves     |                 |                                   |            Move right                            Attacks    

Great game love the concept! Made me stick to the end.

Started off as a neat platformer teat take on that one "unlock everything" Kongregate game,  but then you... don't really unlock much. 

I don't trust this Dr. Dark guy.....

Pretty sweet game. Jumping feels good and the buster cannon's satisfying. Sweet tunes, too. 


Me encanto!!, espero una version completa para complarlo 

i cant see anything at first its all grey, they achievemnt popups come up but hen just grey again


I went and paid 5 bucks for the soundtrack cause you deserve it! This was a lovely little slice of entertainment and you've earned yourself a fan!


Well... when will it continue? I loved it.

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So cool! I'm so happy, finally a game where you don't have to redo a cut scene if you die!

I loved the 3rd level, because I love the Metal Man music level, and that remix was really nice! I'm looking forward for the full game! =)

You should start making coding classes

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