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me gusto el juego esta increible!! me quede mas concentrado en el juego xd mori demasiado y lo venci :'D aunque me quede con poca vida


anyone else getting Mega Man vibes?

Short but sweet I love it!

Really fun game! To bad it was so short.

lol for any ppl who are new to the game set of an nes contoller heres a thing to teach u 

  Jump            |
Move left   |          |   +--+         |        |
|    |   |            |        |                        |
|    | +-|-+          |        |                        |
|    | | o |          |        |                        |
|  +-|-+   +---+      |        |                        |
|  | o       o |      o        o        ---     ---     |
|  +---+   +-|-+   (select) (start)    ( B )   ( A )    |
|      | o | |                          -o-     -o-     |
|      +-|-+ |                           |       |      |
+--------|---|---------------------------|-------|------+         |   +---+                       |       +---+       Shield    |                 Special moves     |                 |                                   |            Move right                            Attacks    

Great game love the concept! Made me stick to the end.

Started off as a neat platformer teat take on that one "unlock everything" Kongregate game,  but then you... don't really unlock much. 

I don't trust this Dr. Dark guy.....

Pretty sweet game. Jumping feels good and the buster cannon's satisfying. Sweet tunes, too. 


Me encanto!!, espero una version completa para complarlo 

i cant see anything at first its all grey, they achievemnt popups come up but hen just grey again


I went and paid 5 bucks for the soundtrack cause you deserve it! This was a lovely little slice of entertainment and you've earned yourself a fan!


Well... when will it continue? I loved it.

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So cool! I'm so happy, finally a game where you don't have to redo a cut scene if you die!

I loved the 3rd level, because I love the Metal Man music level, and that remix was really nice! I'm looking forward for the full game! =)

You should start making coding classes

such a nice game, can't wait for more

Its pretty good for being constructed in 2 days. The concept kinda reminds me of DLC Quest. I feel like it relies a bit too heavily on the mega man inspiration that it feels like almost being a clone. 

I feel like this would be a great game with more levels but because of the limited time the Unlock gimmick doesn't really have any substance or much of a purpose. The music is okay but not as good as its made out to be.

For a fan game i welt like i was playing one of the gameboy mega man games

This is such a beautifully constructed short game! A true homage to the Megaman series. 


not only this is creative but super fun to play!! i love it, and im so excited to unlock the next game :)

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It is nothing short of incredible that this game was done in such a short time frame. It looks polished and has plenty of content + I really liked the gameplay. Special compliment to the engaging soundtrack too. Great experience! 

what engine was this game made in?

cool game

This. Game. Is. Amzing.

That's all I have to say.

I am bad at stage 3

It was a very interesting game that respected “Megaman”!

This is awesome! And you did this in 2 days? Man, if you devote a whole month we might have 90 levels to play? You have to continue! Big thanks for reminding me my childhood of playing megaman games!

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I just finished playing this, and I must say I'm impressed at how well you captured the charm of Megaman in just 48 hours ^^ This was really good, and I loved every second of it. 

Expect a let's play next week!

so is it really to be continued?


With this weeks Itch Dot Io Indie we kick back with another Game Jam entry from DDRKirby(ISQ) of 'Goodnight Meowmie' fame (a game that heckin spooked me!)

Although a shift in tone from their previous work that I've experienced 'Unlock Everything' is a piece of retro style feel good gaming that most definitely unlocked my sense of nostalgia <3



Nice concept. But how can I die without having unlocked dying? :P


You should eventually be able to unlock colors and then the game turns into a color game. 

I cheat myself its not megaman-pixel,but it seems false

Mega Man with Metroidvania elements taken to a silly extreme. This was a good idea executed very well. Thanks for sharing this fun little game.

Great game! I love the "unlock" mechanic/bit. Web game ran very smoothly. Very fun :D

(Gameplay below but first a mini review :) )

This game was absolutely wonderful to play! Literally felt like I was playing Megaman as well as playing a Game Boy port :D

It felt smooth, no bugs or glitches either! Definitely download this game whenever you guys can :)

This game is really awesome! I hope this game can continue to be developed!

Well done. Enjoyed it. I like the unlock everything approach.

Hi there ! I wanted to try playing the game in my browser but after loading the game, this message comes up :

abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

(I'm using the last version of Firefox, and I'm on Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa 64-bit)

I'll try the downloadable version, but I wanted to let you know about this bug, if it can help ! :) Anyway, the visual is already nice and the title's appealing :D

Thanks for the report!  As noted on the page there's unfortunately some intermittent issues with Godot WebGL builds failing to start (not limited to this game).  The downloadable version should work just fine though!

i really enjoyed this! i want to know more about libra's memories... the music is really catchy too - i loved the remixes.

Very similar to the NES megaman games!

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