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while playing this in school, that shit made me sad i fr dont want my cat to die, i knew right away what happend.

Wow this game is amazing... Great work!


the instant I saw and heard meowmie, I developed an emotion connection to them, g'night meowmie :[

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It was REALLY SAD, but i loved the game anyway ❤️.  Goodnight Meowmie.



Feels silly to ask, but if someone wanted to contribute a translation, how to go about it?

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ah the audio is amazing! I am scared and very sad about my cat :( 

i love how you are able to bring such a specific emotion to this so elegantly done


this made me so sad i need to snuggle my own cats now



if only the window wasnt open that day :(

Me: "Bonehead!" *clueless*
the bone head: >:(


this game is bad.couldent even start it up!?


the game was good ng

This is amazing!!!!

There's a reason that I don't have pets. Because I know I would get too emotionally attached. I have allergies for cats and dogs so that made the decision easier. If I get a cat in the game, you bet I would do everything I can to protect it. Even in denial I'll give it a good ending!


Where do I even begin?

I was mindlessly finding games to play when one day I stumbled upon yours. I thought it looked cute and simple, so I was clicked on this expecting to fight monsters and stuff. 

I honestly didn't expect myself to well up in so much emotions near the end. I really felt my heart heavy with terror and repeating "no,no,no" in my head. I couldn't face the screen when the girl walked closer to Meowmie's grave, it was too much and I actually had to let out a good cry. Y'see, I lost one of my cat in a housefire just recently. He was my little best friend and I really cried so much when I finally realized what the end of it meant. I don't think I'll ever finish grieving over my little friend, but deep down I feel really glad there are games like this that can show how the grieving process looks like.

I love the option of holding the cat when you go to sleep. That was my most favorite part :)

I'm so sorry about your cat, I'm sure they felt loved and comforted by you. 


i was so sad this comment made me sadder :( im so sorry i lost a baby kitten from a heart attack a few years ago


you should of put "Warning: Will most likely make you cry" 

I need a warning before breaking my heart please T^T

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This game was awesome. The spooks, the story,  IT HAD EVERYTHING. It almost made me shed a tear not going to lie to you. I am very impressed how it was made in such short amount of time! Good job y'all! Here is a video on the game play. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing this! Can't wait to see your next work! :)




I love it


That was sad in the end


Had to make an account to say that what I was expecting from this was so much less than I got. So many mixed emotions in the span of 15 minutes. I hate that I wish I could play this again for the first time. Well done.


It's a really good game with cute things, scary things and sad things but it was really fun to play.


I love it, it was a cute and scary game at the same time. I just feel sad bc of the ending but it's okay!

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 so Cute game but scary..


This game made me ball my eyes out... it was so good! :(( 


I think this game was decent. Not great nor bad.

Things I liked:

  • Very homey, comfortable feeling when spending time with the cat. Even though there were only three scenes with him, I felt a bit of a bond forming.
  • The juxtaposition of horror and cute made the cute parts cuter.

Things I disliked:

  • Textures for the hallways felt uninspired, uninteresting.
  • Gameplay wasn't riveting. Perhaps faster walk-speed or a sprint option would have helped.
  • Meowmie could phase through the bed.

This game felt empty and sparse at times but that is to be expected given that it was made in such a short time, and may have been intentional as a trick to make Meowmie feel more important to the player. Though the experience was sometimes drab, I liked the cat, so I like this game too. Congratulations on completing this in 72 hours, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


"Please proceed with care."

I did yet couldnt save myself from being sadness ridden :((

Nais game


It started of so cute but ended in me crying. I was literally playing this while my cat was sleeping right next to me too :'). It was such a beautiful and well thought out game, it managed to convey emotions very nicely. It really hit me in the feels.


I LITERALLY JUST. clicked off when i had to get the medicine again..

thank u for this masterpiece rly made me cry... i couldnt muster the courage to go our there again but i HAVE ENOUGH after seing the screenshot of meowmies grave in the coments... makes mesob everytime like mEOWMIE //??????


It's such a good game, got me right in the feels.

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 I want to say one thing though, I was having goosebumps when the cat was attacked. I have goosebumps whenever I feel sad or whenever I am afraid. This time it was an extremly strong one. It is the first time I had such a strong goosebump. But the thing is, I did not know whether I was sad or scared that time.

It has been one hour and I am still mumbling " Damn it!" to myself. During those last moments I held her and slept.


bro after getting the medicine the first time I quit lmao I'm too scared to go back out there again


This so saddd im crying T-T it moved me to tears it was a good game and RIP to meowmie may she finally rest wel


you didn't have to make me cry this much. R.I.P <3


This game sucks {jk im crying rn help}


Rest in peace, Meowmie <3


rest in peace, meownie. a real one.




Meownie :'

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