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Rest in peace Meowmie :,


how it died?


he died because he didn't get his medicine on time


oh ok.


sadly,  i cannot play it


When it says, I left the window open because it was hot outside, then it said, "Meowmie was always a curious one." I think that implies that Meowmie was killed by something outside. could be like a dog or something along those lines. Curiosity literally killed the cat, by wondering what was outside and going out there.


Well, it could also be, the truth is I suspect that it would be a reason why he died


Meowmie :( 


its nothing,  just something get in my eyes ;.( 


Is it supposed to be completely dark when you go outside??


Did everyone else hold Meowmie going to sleep and left her on the bed when she was sick or am I just weird?


I did that XD


same. felt bad to let her sleep on the ground. 



This was a really good game- I recently lost my cat to an animal attack and she looked just like that when I found her. This really hit home and im trying not to sob at my desk rn lol


I acctualy Cried :,(


oh my god??? it was so good but I'm like actually crying


I wasn't expecting it to be a horror but it was really good. It almost made me cry.


A really good game but sad at the same time.  I still don't understand what is the danger outside though as at the end she went to Meowmie's grave.


슬퍼ㅠㅠㅠSo sad

I hope you patch it in Korean, and this game is sad ..

Hi -- a Korean translation has been worked on but not published yet.  It will be coming soon!  Thank you.

Its such an amazing and well done game but its also scary (for me ofc) and SO SADDDDDDDDDDD .But its def a 1000000000/10 i really enjoyed the game,and i do recomed.

So sad whyyyyyyyyyyy

This is such a wonderful game! Make me cry at the end, 100/10

Alright, amazing game and all. But why did you do Meowmie like that? I mean that was just plain sadness. WHY. Good Game though

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screenshot spoilers:




this game made me cry as frick! why did you do that!?!??!?

btw just wondering how did meowmie died? please explain PLEASEEE~~!!

makin me ugly cry rn cause this hit too close to home; 1000/10 loved it <3 🥲


very good game, made me cry, 10/10


You call those jumpscares??

nooooooo why is it so sad ;-;

Loved it so much. Thanks a lot 🥰🥰🥰


This game evoked the strongest emotional reaction I have ever had to a game. Made a 39 year old adult father cry like he hasn't cried in ages. Thank you. 
Thank you for creating the game that finally got all that out that needed to get out. 

This Game is Emotional Damage - Goodnight Meowmie

I watched your video and had to reach out. I have had my own struggles myself. Not with MS, but with depression. And losing Meowmie, even thought she is a character in a game, made me feel I lost one of my own cats. I have a cat named Taz too, and his health is starting to decline as well. He's my baby. I have three other cats as well. After playing this game, and watching your video, I had to cuddle my cats too.

Thank you. The game hit me harder then I knew, and my cat now Sunny literally came up on my lap and slept there for the next 2 hours. She could tell I hurt. Our animals can be amazing little ones, and I will say.. man it felt good to finally get that all out after a couple years, when I had thought I moved on, but you learn you never really do. It just gets easier over time. They are family, friends and so much more. I am just glad Sunny is now only 2 and she will be around for a VERY long time. 
I am so very sorry to hear about your Taz (They are amazing little guys, those kitties named Taz) and if you ever need to talk or message about it, feel free to reach out! I hope the best for both of you! 


You monster


Meowmie must be protected at all cost. 




My heart when meowmie died: 💀


This got scary quick-


what was the story?


Nota de condolências para Meowmie:

-É com grande pesar que deixamos aqui nossos sinceros sentimentos para Miowmie... que ele possa descansar em paz e comer muito whiskas sachê e peixinhos onde quer que ele esteja...

ass: Gui e Sophia

I AM HEARTBROKEN. meowmie looks like my cat so this one hurt so hard :((

ahh... my heart, dude... I will always miss you, good night... Meowmie... :'(

I unfortunately can't play it since It's not compatible with my phone but goodness I have watched a few YouTubers play and this game is just beautiful it really messes you up it's just so sad anyway amazing game goodnight meowmie you will be forever loved and missed :'(

u will be missed meowmie :( love u meowmie

goodbye, meowmie.


you will forever be missed meowmie <3

So sad.  I love the cat, meow. What a game! Is there a story behind this?

Stunning game. The emotional response alone is very powerful, but coupled with the hand-drawn art style-- you did an amazing job here.


im in a puddle of tears


actually sobbing that was such a adorable, intense and emotional game omg the suspense walking back to the room with the paws behind me was terrifying and I am truly sobbing about the last cutsscen

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