Demo v0.29.0 Released

The Rhythm Quest Demo has been updated to version 0.29.0!  This patch fixes a bug with the latency calibration measurements (you may want to re-calibrate) and reworks the coin/medal system, along with other fixes and improvements.

Full changelog:

Version 0.29.1
- Fixed localizations not falling back to English translation
- Modify respawn/fadein timing for enemies according to music speed/respawn timing
- Fixed steam build not running properly when started outside of steam
- Localization updates
Version 0.29.0
- Fixed auto-calibration output values (was previously ~75% too low)
- Reverted level medals to be based on coin count again
- Changed coin thresholds for medals (25%, 50%, 75%)
- Changed coin loss amount/mechanic to be much less punishing:
 50% of non-banked coins are now "banked" on each checkpoint and can no longer be lost
 50% of non-banked coins are lost with each respawn
- Added new level end coin/medal display
- Updated ghost teleport to change speed based on music speed mod
- Updated input handling interactions to be more timing-accurate
- Fixed an input bug triggered by having multiple inputs on the same frame
- Fixed a bug causing the color invert fx on doublehit enemies to persist
- Fixed a timeslicing issue that sometimes caused interactables to be skipped at high speeds
- Try (again) to fix rendering issues at odd resolutions
- Added Respawn Timing setting
- Fixed ghost enemy trail effect to render consistently regardless of framerate/speed
- Fixed screen refresh rate label not actually updating
- Localization and UI updates
- Fixed respawn count not resetting properly when checkpoints are disabled
- Fixed the ability to finish a level and respawn simultaneously

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