Demo v0.30.1 Released

The Rhythm Quest Demo has been updated to version 0.30.1!  This patch includes some small but important improvements as well as a number of bugfixes for community-reported issues.  The game internals also received a refresh with a new Unity version as well as some plugin updates (hopefully not breaking anything!).

Full changelog:
Version 0.30.1
- Fixed wrong version of some east asian glyphs being used
- Fixed broken "Audio Mods" menu in main menu scene
Version 0.30.0
- Updated Unity version
- Fixed issue on later Mac Sonoma versions where the game was unresponsive
- Added pitched coin/metronome sfx to match the key of each level
- Added ability to fast-forward endlevel sequence by holding menu button (escape)
- Fixed "bumpy" camera movement across ramps/beatgrids
- Fixed missing default keybinds for 'B' and '/'
- Re-fixed certain accessibility audio cues sometimes not triggering
- Fixed blurry horizontal line when using smooth font in shop display
- Tweak line height for unicode pixel font
- Tweak font pixel snapping logic
- Camera pixel rendering fix for odd-pixel resolutions
- Fixed offbeat pulse timing on respawn
- Replaced and refactored Steam integration
- Running the Steam build outside of Steam will no longer restart the game via Steam
- Allow changing resolution in exclusive fullscreen mode
- Added several more windowed resolution options for large displays
- Fixed incorrect description for "Blur" screen filter
- Fixed demo end screen showing up incorrectly after data reset
- Fixed menu pulse animation speeds sometimes being incorrect

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